strona główna - Cold store

Cold store

The cold store was open in February 2015. It meets all of the high EU standards. It has a modern 100 tons blast freezer (productivity is 40 tons per day), where products can be froze at -36C

Products are kept in a 1269 tons cold storage with 1269 pallet holding positions on high storage racks (5,5m). According to veterinary laws products are kept in -18C. Electronic temperature measurement is done every 15 minutes.


The cold store has an integrated computer system that allows a constant control of information about stored product and its exact location. The building also has a 107m2 packing room and a social room. Loading and unloading of trucks is made on  two ramps. The cold store is fenced, guarded 24/7 and monitored.


Małgorzata Michulec

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Bogdan Pęksa 

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Tomasz Tomczyk 

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Katarzyna Brandys

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